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Art belongs to the artist.
Winter Exchange Fest hosted over at [community profile] theiceroyals
Sign-Up: May 28th - June 15th
Assignments sent out (at the latest): July 1st - 5th
Works due: October 15th
Posting starts: November 1st

So here as promised I post the sign-up forms for you, so that you have enough time to fill them out with all your wishes, likes and dislikes and all the information.

Two things from my site:
yes, I will try to do my utter best to give you the perfect mach, this will be a lot easier with the more information you provide and the more sign ups there will be.
But also, I can not in all honesty say that you will get your perfect match, we all have to make compromises, and I think we all understand that.
And I hope we will have lots of fun and great time!

Before you sign-up here are also some Rules I expect you to follow:

  • Each gift must at least have 1,000 words, or the equal amount of time spent into an art.

  • Each gift also must have been beta-read before sending to me.

  • You have to sent your done work until October 15th to me, or let me know you need an extension before that. If you do not hand in a gift, you also won't receive a gift.

  • If you have to drop out due to real life- such things can happen, it is sad but they can happen- I expect you to do the nice thing and let me know immediately because someone else is working on a gift for you too.

  • You have to comment on your gift! This is not negotiable, it is just a nice thing to do!

If you don't mind these rules I would be very happy to see you at the Sign- Up Post going online on the 28th of May!
Till then have a nice week.

Name (LJ/DW/AO3):
Are you over 18?

Content I would love:
Content I would rather not receive:
Preferred time period:
Preferred rating:
Secondary characters I'd love to see involved:
EWE or Epilogue compliant?:

Anything else that hasn't been covered:

Two or three prompts or scenarios to inspire my giftee:

If my giftee has any questions, please have them contact:

Genres/kinks/tropes, etc I love to write:
I will not write the following:
Preferred time period:
Highest rating you will write:

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