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Hello my dear lucissa- friends!
So in a little over a month the sign up for the exchange fest will be happening- and boy am I excited for it! And I sure hope so are you.
To help to spread the word, get more people to join and make the dates known today I bring you banners.
Please spread them as wide and often as you want and hopefully I will see many people back here when the sign up will go online. I will have the sing up form online about a week before that, so you have enough time to consider what you want to offer and what you like to receive. I will try to match you as perfectly as I am able to, and try to consider all your hard no goes, but that also depends on the number of people who will participate in the fest.
So now I shall clean the floor and let you choose a banner of your liking. For now there are only 3 maybe I can add some later!

Banners! Shiny Banners! Grab them here!!! )
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This community is all about Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy.
So feel free to crosspost your fan-works here, take up the monthly prompts and consider joining the exchange-fest:

which will be hosted here on dw.

This page is a new set-up and not everything is iron-clad yet, I shall try to make adjustments when needed. If you need anything, please feel free to contact me.

Hope to see you around!


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